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Web Marketing Strategy

See how we work – for details on the approach that we take for this – but in a nutshell we have undertaken and worked with over 350 separate web projects since 1994.

We educate you and help you get the best out of using the web as a business tool.

A web site doesn’t stand alone from other marketing efforts – and we believe it should a core part of all marketing – we teach you on how to be “web centric” with all of your business activities.

A web site can also replace some “real world” process – such as your customers checking an account balance, or finding out “how” to use a product (training) or could even replace an entire quoting process for people to self serve rather than being attended to by a sales rep.

Using social media you can be positioned as an expert in your field - so that you become the "go-to" person in your industry or geographical area when people have a need for your services.

We help you plan for the reason you have a web site to change over time – just as your products & services change or evolve over time

We also help you plan for change at the front end – owning a web site is a moving target – you do need to plan to develop the web site in stages / perhaps even have different development paths – even in a simple web site that grows into an interactive one we help you plan for and manage change.

We can work in an ad-hoc way - or can be a part of your team on an ongoing basis to get the real returns from being web centric in your marketing.


Some of our clients are finding they can reduce their "off-line" marketing spend and actually grow their business from using more "on-line" marketing - a great win...!

Contact us for web marketing for your business now...

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