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Geo-Location - Having a look around you - what deals do you see…?

Many of you have seasonal businesses - that is - some times of the year are more busy then others.

This could be because of the products you sell suit the summer weather or perhaps because you are based in a location that sees more potential customers in the warmer months.

How do you get non-local customers to your door and business…?

And how do you keep top of mind for your local customers…?

Some of the newer geo-location services might just help…

"Geo-location" is the types of web based services that are centred on physical "real-world" street addresses.

They could be driven by GPS enabled mobile phones or via mapping programs that people access when researching a place they plan to visit.

Not getting found when people want to purchase your products or services is a waste of your marketing dollar and means missed opportunities to make sales.

Getting new customers through the door with location based services is smart advertising - a little bit of time in setting things up mean that new customers can find you easily when using the geo-location tools.

Treating your local customers as something special means that in the quiet times they are there to support your business when new customers aren't.

Geo-location can be used in a number of ways to encourage repeat visits too.

Facebook has recently launched its "Places" where you can see where your friends are at any given time - if they have let you see their location in the privacy settings that is.

This means that you could be out at the beach - and find your friends who are also there - or find your friends when out in a busy club or restaurant.

Facebook Places is only available in the US for now - but will roll out to other countries later this year.

Google Local Places allows you to place your business onto the Google maps at maps.Google.com

This means that when people look at the map near you they see your place of business already marked.

They can then click on the business name and view information that you have added about your business. This could be your opening hours, information about car parking - all the way through to allowing special vouchers for people to print off and bring in to your business.

This service is a real help when planning a visit to a new city - but when you have a GPS enabled cell phone you can find products or services near where you are immediately - simply by searching for them on your phone.

There are many social media platforms that also help promote the geo-location services - such as www.FourSquare.com or www.GoWalla.com - both support "checking in" with real world businesses and claiming vouchers or discounts as incentives to do so.

As a business owner you can create various incentives either for new clients or for returning ones to reward them for visiting multiple times.

This is a great way to get raving fans for your business…

Bonus Tool


Check out this geo-location provider - its the industry current leaders (although Facebook will be very close behind).

It's free to join and to set up a location for your business - even if you don't have a GPS enabled smart phone.

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