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The web can broadly do
four things for your business:

Web Design and Web Marketing Services from EC Web Sites

We create web sites that work….!

Our services include:

We talk with you and run you through a process to educate you about the possibilities of fully using the web as a business tool in your business.

We start from a “if money was no object” point of view – which allows us to give you a road map of what to now – and what to do in the future as you get used to working with the web based tools we provide you.

We take a long term approach to our clients – we want you to feel free to call us when you need help and to let us know your future ideas as we may be able to leverage those with an online component.

We build your online brand equity – we add to the “values” that people have of your online and offline brand

We do this by:

  • Building a great looking web site (and newsletter, and online community, and email template) that uses your current brands and corporate colours
  • Using up to date web methodology to add to the perceived professionalism of your entity (fast loading pages, usability, accessibility, providing preferred types of interactivness)
  • Having systems in place to ensure your information is protected from crackers / hackers
  • Using high quality graphics, other images and text
  • Training you to take ownership of your web site and undertake maintenance of the web site using the tools that we have created (easy to use etc)
  • Ensuring the search engines find the web site using the key phrases that you need to be found under
  • Use the latest Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and others to help build your raving fan base

We Reduce Costs in your business

We do this by:

  • Reducing your existing advertising spend and transferring that to the web because web gets more targeted results
  • Providing a way of measuring your existing advertising spend and reducing those methods that are not performing
  • Training you to use the web as a communication tool rather than other methods that cost (travel, meetings, phone calls, seminars)
  • Providing ideas for reducing your spend on traditional software by using online tools (e.g. Google docs vs. installed software)
  • Targeting different visitors to your web site and providing targeted content to them (e.g. Job vacancies posted on your web site replacing head hunters, login areas for customers to check account history replacing admin staff)
  • Replacing printed material with information on your web site and pointing people to that
  • Providing online tools for stakeholders (staff, suppliers, customers, mentors, family) to better communicate and connect with you (e.g. staff areas to access policies and procedures, forums, fill-in forms etc)
  • Creating business processors that happen online instead of real world (e.g. created a “make a quotation” section for a sports manufacturer that replaced one staff member – total saving $35k per annum)

We Increase Income in your business

We do this by:

  • Providing a web site that gets sales leads (or makes actual sales) in new geographical areas that you haven’t been active in before (typically world-wide but can be very geographically targeted)
  • Showing you how to monetise the intellectual property in your business by creating knowledge products and creating a platform for selling those (e.g. ebooks, webinars or subscription & members areas)
  • Building a structure for you to increase sales through “relationship marketing” (e.g. blogs, social media sites and updated content on your web sites using RSS)
  • Providing advice and direction on other affiliate products that you could be selling (e.g. Amazon bookshop)
  • Providing the tools for you to supply mini sites for your customers (e.g. Franchise Owners)

We help you with the “double whammy” – build income while reducing costs for existing customers

We do this by:

  • Providing a subscription web site to use for existing customers
  • Provide a newsletter system for you to send trial products or service information to your customers asking them to fill in feedback forms on which products or services they may purchase in the future
  • Provide up to date information in the form of links to help you achieve this (e.g. links to our favourite authors, great articles & more)

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