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How We Work Topics

How We Work With You

We often have customers that are geographically remote from us - just as our customers could be remote from their customers.

We commit to be “local” for you – wherever you are, we have an 0800 number for you to use and travel often to meet with our clients face to face when needed - as well as when we are in the area.

We offer free training via webinars every 2 weeks – all you need to participate is microphone and speakers attached to your computer although a skype like headset works best.

Training is often undertaken via webinars at other times too – we find this helps our customers get up to speed with the EC Toolset quickly and easily.

We use several web based tools during a project such as a mind mapping program to capture a web site map and to use to plan content through to Google docs where we can share documents related to a web project.

New Clients Process

With new clients if you are starting from scratch without owning a web site before or even if you have a current web site we like to sit and chat face to face for around an hour and a half at our first meeting.

We get to know you – and hope that you get to know us and our values and underlying philosophies.

We normally follow a three step process:

  1. How the web works from a web site owners point of view...
    We have participated in over 450 web projects across many different industries and not for profit categories. We keep up to date with how people worldwide are using the web as a business tool.

    We bring that combined knowledge to the table and share it with you in plain English – no jargon and easy to understand ways.

    We encourage you to ask us anything to with the web, email, search engine optimisation, web marketing or about social media. We know you will learn lots through this process…
  2. How a web site fits into a smart business persons marketing plan...
    This covers the results that you want from a web project – is it to build the branding and online exposure of your business…? Is it to be a hot lead generator…? Or is it to actually complete the sale and process the credit card…?

    Many times it’s about all three of those examples as well as servicing new and existing customer’s better and delivering extra value to your customers that your competitors may not be doing. We work through what key performance indicators that we will measure with the project – things such as responses via email, newsletter sign ups, and printing coupons from the web site or other measurable results.
  3. If money was no object – what would we build for you...?
    Removing the discussion of budget at this point allows us to fully explore what we would create for you to give you the absolute best returns on your investment.

    We let the discussion flow and talk about how to best service your customers needs with the web site. We may talk about you creating digital products and starting to virtualise your business and cover some ideas for other digital products that you hadn’t considered before.

    We document this and turn this into a road map to follow for the next period of time – maybe set milestones so that the project stretches over the next 18 months – perhaps over the next 2 to 3 years. The key here is look “over the horizon” about where you want to go by using the web as a business tool.

    This document becomes the road map to follow – lets do the things that have instant short term returns for you and do the other things when budget allows or when specific goals are reached.

The steps for a new web project typically are

Once you approve our quotation (thanks…!) here’s the process that we follow:

  1. Visioning Exercise
    We talk with you and your main team about the outcomes required from the web site (see above) and ensure that everything is clear.
  2. Mind Mapping the Site Map
    We use mind mapping software to record the proposed site map of a web based project and make that available to clients through the web to edit and refer to as they need too
  3. Creating Content
    We help you create the content for the web project – or edit the content that is already on the web site. We also work with content authors to create content if needed specifically for your project
  4. Creating the “look” of the web site
    While you are creating content we create two example “looks” for the project and release these to you. We refine ones of the looks to ensure that the new web site fits with other published information such as brochures or other printed material. Once you have approved the look we create a single template – or more than one template and install that into the EC Toolset.
  5. Populating the Pages
    We take the content that you have created and the template that we have created and add them into the site structure. We follow current best practise search engine optimisation and lay the pages out to maximise ease of use for the public web site visitor, you the administrator of the web site and for search engine robots to find and index the web pages.
  6. Promote the Web Site
    A key part of our services start when the project has been released to the public. While we have been entering the content above we have done the first part to a great search engine placement for your web site. This is where we do the other important steps to get you near the top of the various search engine phrases that you need to get too. We use Google Webmaster tools to ensure the site gets listed quickly and install Google Analytics to measure the traffic. We list the site on other web sites that we control which have a high Google Page Rank – this helps in searchability as our sites are getting updated often and also helps with the external link text being search engine bait. We can build the inline email database from your existing system and can import other databases such as shop items from a spreadsheet into the EC Toolset.

We have been working in the web space since 1994 and many of our successful projects have been working with clients in different cities – let us show you what we do and maybe we can work together...

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